Step into a home where elegance and modern design blend harmoniously with sustainability. Welcome to 669 Dragon Peak Drive, a state-of-the-art, modern home design plan, perfectly suited to its serene environment.

Dragon Peak Development Project will be the culmination of the most popular and requested features in luxury, contemporary home design. This home- design plan will contain many surprising elements, such as outdoor sleeping porches and spas, indoor/outdoor water features and landscaping. These thoughtful details create an environment of relaxation and escape, while also contributing to the renewable energy and environmental aspect of the home.

This custom made, single family home will be a 10,300 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind layout, pictured atop a high elevation with stunning views of the Las Vegas strip and sun-kissed valley below. Designed by award-winning luxury real estate developers Blue Heron in partnership with Haojia Regional Center, the Dragon Peak Development Project will seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living with the latest energy saving green technology.

The chef's kitchen will posses appliances of the highest quality and technological advancement, paired with elegant furnishes in a light-filled room that evokes a perfect atmosphere for culinary creativity.

Our first class team of architects, designers and artisans will create an aesthetic that is fully integrated with the architectural design of the home; a home in harmony with the beautiful desert landscape surrounding Dragon Peak.

Interior designers and landscape architects will work together with the highest quality finishing touches in a glamorous design, inviting the elements of nature indoors while retaining a luxurious spa-like seclusion.

Haojia Regional Center is proud to be working with Blue Heron, a company that is committed to designing homes and communities that are environmentally sensitive and ecologically smart. Blue Heron designs can be appreciated now and by future generations, with elements of development, carefully considered with a long-term perspective on the region and community. That includes thoughtful site selection, improved energy efficiencies, passive solar design, environmentally friendly building materials and color palettes that complement the natural landscape.

Blue Heron is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and an active participant of the Southern Nevada Green Building Partnership. Green (environmentally-friendly) building methods and materials can deliver real world benefits that add to the quality and enjoyment of everyday life. Blue Heron, at the forefront of this ever evolving and increasingly important discipline, has invested large amounts of time and money researching the latest green (environmentally-friendly) building practices. These techniques will enhance the way natural light illuminates the space, improve air quality and optimize the home's temperature and humidity while consuming less energy.

Imagine a place where dragons preside with eyes surveying the land. Dragon's Peak is a place where you can stand on the back of a sleeping dragon, looking out at one of the wealthiest cities in the world. According to feng shui experts, three dragons lie within the mountains of Henderson, Nevada. Their backs outline the ridges of the mountains while their eyes, which are cast directly at the Las Vegas Strip, create vortices of energy; a Dragon Vortex.

The Lei Line Theory says when the magnetic gridlines flowing across the earth connect, they form vortices of energy (chi). These energy vortices have a magnetic effect, pulling great wealth, power and healing.

Las Vegas has three sleeping dragons. The first dragon, an earth dragon (Ti Lung) presides over the Dragon Ridge Golf Course, bringing good luck to all within his sight. The second dragon, (Tien Lung) curls around the top of the ridge of the Dragon's Gate Development. His face looks out at the Las Vegas Strip and his body scales down the mountain, bringing luxury, comfort and wealth to those living in homes near him. When hiking near this dragon, one cannot help but feel his dynamic chi. The third dragon, Pahsia, lies further down the west side of the Ridge. This dragon is often found carved onto the bases of temples or monuments in China. He brings energy of stability and grounded meditation to the homes near him.

Most of the earth's dragons have been obliterated by development. MacDonald Highland has preserved these rare topographical formations for generations to benefit from the power of the Dragon Vortex. Experience for yourself the protection, wisdom and healing of the three Dragon's chi. Feel the excitement, power and possibilities of the Las Vegas Strip.

"....The Dragon, laying so clearly there in the land, is as real as your breath."
- Master Wu Wei,
Founder of the Dragon Cloud School of Feng Shui,
Beijing, China